Tide of Time






Tide of time

A series of pin-hole pictures from The Hague’s coastline. Taken with a reconstructed Agfa Clack camera. The lens is taken off and replaced with a copper foil that holds a little hole in the center and functions as a camera obscura. The use of the Agfa Clack comes with the advantage to work with (6 x 9) negative film.

During preparing the copper foil with sandpaper a tiny little hole occurred. I used that hole for these photos. To measure the hole seems impossible since it is so small. This makes it impossible to calculate the factor of these photos.

Pin-hole pictures (on negative film)
factor: unknown
61 x 81 cm
vereniging Luxus, Den Haag, 2009

Photo #4:
23 minutes
Published: S.MAG2 (sea magazine) Geen Zee/No Sea, Satellietgroep
Den Haag 2008

Tide of time was exhibited together with a sound performance.
Chasing Aliens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbJyvbesZhM

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